Victory close in campaign to protect Potteries' ceramics firms from dumped Chinese tableware

There are growing indications that the EU will confirm anti-dumping duties on imports of ceramic tableware and kitchenware from China for five years, marking victory for Potteries ceramics firms and local Lib Dem Euro MP Phil Bennion.

The European Commission imposed provisional anti-dumping duties of up to 58% on Chinese tableware imports last November after an investigation upheld claims by manufacturers, including Steelite of Stoke on Trent, that huge quantities of Chinese products were being sold in the EU at artificially low prices

Conservative MEPs betray British business in carbon vote

Conservative MEPs have been accused of betraying British business after the European Parliament narrowlyrejected a proposal by the European Commission to delay the auctioning of greenhouse gas allowances to avoid a further drop in the price of carbon.

Carbon prices in the UK currently leave UK manufacturers paying more for their electricity than their EU competitors and the EU plans would have reduced that gap

Miliband's 10p tax plan will increase tax on low paid

Ed Miliband's plan to bring back a 10prate for £1,000 of income would increase tax on the lowest earners from 2015, says the MEP who first proposed the Lib Dem policy of raising personal allowances.

Now Euro MP for the West Midlands, Phil Bennion was the key champion for the £10,000 tax threshold plan on the Lib Dem Federal Policy Committee before the last election

£6.17 billion ‘pot’ of European structural funds for English regions announced

Lib Dem employment spokesman Phil Bennion MEP has welcomed news that EU funding to help local business in English regions will continue as the government announces a £6.

17 billion pot for the 2014-2020 spending round

Paterson must negotiate on threat to cap large farm payments

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is being urged to negotiate over a crucial EU Council of Ministers position on whether future EU farm support payments to larger farms common in the Midlands and the UK will be capped.

Phil Bennion MEP is urging Tory Environment Secretary Owen Paterson to negotiate to stop larger farms losing out under changes to EU farm support payments

Parliament right to demand talks to modify but not increase EU Budget

The European Parliament has voted by a massive majority to seek radical changes to the spending priorities in the draft budget proposed by EU leaders at their summit in February.

In the resolution, approved by 506 votes in favour to 161 against, with 23 abstentions, MEPs voted for Parliament to join three-way talks with the EU Commission and Council of Ministers on a revised financial framework but not to increase the budget total

Unfair restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian students should be lifted

Plan for adverts to put people off coming to UK 'ludicrous' Lib Dem Euro MP Phil Bennion has voiced his disappointment that the government is refusing to lift visa restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian students studying here, even though the two countries are full members of the EU.

The West Midlands MEP spoke out after raising the complaints of students at Midlands universities with the Conservative Immigration Minister Mark Harper

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