Phil Bennion MEP has welcomed the U-turn by the European Commission abandoning a ban on re-fillable olive oil bottles in restaurants.

Olive oil bottlesThe news comes after LIb Dem MEPs demanded a rethink of a plan by middle-ranking officials which would have required olive oil only to be served in labelled bottles. 
In a statement, Commissioner Daclan Ciolos has now made clear that there will be no ban on olive oil bottles or dipping bowls being used in restaurants.
Phil Bennion said: โ€œThis is a victory for common sense and shows the value of engaging with the EU instead of grandstanding from the sidelines. 
"I and a number of Lib Dem MEPs signed a Parliamentary question querying this proposal. This was clearly an over-reaction to a minor problem requiring action by olive oil producers, not restaurants. 
"Sometimes stupid ideas are put forward by officials, but the democratic process has done the job and forced a rethink. 
โ€œUKIP would prefer to walk away but a group of Lib Dem MEPs took action, argued for a rethink and now the Commission changed its mind.โ€