Phil Bennion MEP and campaigning Lib Dems from across the West Midlands region have joined the campaign trail for the Parliamentary by-election being fought in Eastleigh this week.

PB Eastleigh Nick Harvey Iain Smith cPhil visited Eastleigh today (Monday Feb 25th) to support the campaign to elect Mike Thornton as the next MP for the town, just north of Southampton. 

As well as delivery, Phil went canvassing to meet the voters with Sir Nick Harvey MP (centre) and former MSP Iain Smith from Fife.

Phil said: "It was inspiring to see so many people from all over the country joining this crucial byelection, not just to elect Mike Thornton as the best candidate for Eastleigh but to fight for the Liberal Democrat voice in government.

"The election is clearly neck and neck."

Hundreds of volunteers from all over the country travelled down over the weekend to help in Eastleigh, including a coachload organised by West Midlands Region Liberal Democrats and a team from Liberal Youth at Birmingham and Warwick universities.