Air Travel

- Under EU regulation EC/261/2004, passengers travelling within the European Union are entitled to certain rights if your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked.
- Depending on the level of delay to the flight, you may be entitled to refreshments or accommodation at a nearby hotel. If the flight is severely delayed you will also be entitled to access to a phone or computer to communicate with.
- If a flight is cancelled, you are immediately entitled to either a full refund for free transfer onto another flight to the same destination.
- You can also claim compensation for lost luggage on a flight by an EU based airline, anywhere in the world.
- To avoid a costly and lengthy court case, every Member State of the European Union has set up an independent national body to deal with passenger grievances. Visit for more information

EU plan will close 'glaring loopholes' in law on air passenger rights

A new plan by the European Commission to strengthen air passenger rights will 'close glaring loopholes' in the law, says Phil Bennion.

Commenting on the proposals unveiled on March 13th, the West Midlands Lib Dem MEP and member of the European Parliament Transport Committee, said: "This is a very welcome proposal which will close some of the glaring loopholes in the existing legislation

EU passenger rights extended to ferries and cruise ships

All passengers travelling by ferry or boat in Europe are entitled to refunds and other compensation for cancellations or delays of more than 90 minutes, under new rules coming into force yesterday (December 18th).

The new EU rules, adapted from those already covering trains and planes, include guarantees of reimbursement or rerouting if a ferry or boat service is cancelled, as well as basic food and drink for stranded passengers and if necessary, accommodation of up to three nights (with a limit of ยฃ65 a night)