Phil Bennion has welcomed the European Parliament move to cap bankers' bonuses and criticised Conservatives forcing the coalition government to oppose it as being 'out of touch' with the public mood.

The West Midlands Lib Dem MEP said: "This is just one instance when the European Parliament has clearly shown itself to be more in touch with public opinion than governments

Horsemeat: opting out of Europol would be disastrous - Bennion

The ever-growing horsemeat scandal will only be resolved through closer co-operation with European police forces, says local Lib Dem MEP Phil Bennion.

The West Midlands MEP warned that opting out of European police co-operation, as some Conservatives and UKIP want, would wreck efforts to catch the criminals behind the trade in bogus minced beef

EU budget needs to prioritise growth and infrastructure

The draft EU budget deal reached by European governments needs to be adjusted to protect projects to boost growth and infrastructure investment with slightly deeper cuts to some other areas, says West Midlands Lib Dem MEP Phil Bennion.

While accepting a small overall cut in the EU budget to an overall ceiling of EUR 960 billion, the Lib Dem Employment Spokesman is urging governments to think again on deep cuts to proposed transport, broadband and innovation budgets during this week's round of EU budget talks

Cameron speech: 5 years of Russian Roulette will damage jobs

David Cameron's Europe speech suggests a five year game of Russian Roulette, threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs in the West Midlands, MEP Phil Bennion has warned.

Phil Bennion commented:"Mr Cameronwants to spin the wheel on a gun pointed at our heads for five years, in an impossible bid to keep the Tory right wing happy

Cameron warned not to gamble with our future

Phil Bennion has warned David Cameron not to play Russian roulette with Britain's European future in an effort to satisfy rightwingers in his party.

The West Midlands MEP urged the Prime Minister to listen to the business community and security experts, not his more fanatic backbench MPs, in his delayed speech on Europe

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