Phil Bennion and a group of Lib Dem MEPs joined protesters in Brussels today (Tuesday September 3rd) opposed to plans to restrict access to electronic cigarettes.

Phil Bennion LD MEPs E-cigs IMG 1287A top Labour MEP is leading the charge to regulate electronic cigarettes as medicinal products, a move which would significantly restrict their availability and increase costs for many users.

LibDem MEPs oppose mandatory medicines regulation for e-cigarettes fearing that this would make them less available than regular cigarettes, even though inhaling nicotine vapour is infinitely less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Phil Bennion MEP said:

"The evidence is clear that e-cigarettes are a vital weapon in the war against tobacco. There is a serious risk that medicines regulation will reduce the appeal of e-cigs considerably as an alternative to tobacco smoking.

"I am 100 per cent behind the campaign to stop a historic mistake.

"We should help those who want to quit smoking, not push them back to tobacco, which is the proven cause of millions of early deaths through cancer.

"Anyone concerned about over-regulation of e-cigs should make their views known."

Lib Dem MEPs have been actively campaigning to make sure e-cigarettes remain readily available for people who want to quit smoking tobacco, lobbying MEPs in other parties to think again. 


Caption: Phil Bennion MEP outside the European Parliament with fellow Lib Dem MEPs and campaigners in favour of e-cigs.